Here’s a video of us enjoying ourselves at West End Music in Ipswich, playing ‘Turns to Rust’ which is on our album ‘Songs about…’

You can buy the album in West End Music as they are such great guys for stocking it for us, as well as lots of other local artists. You can also buy it by simply contacting us and we’ll send it to you in exchange for 10 fine English pounds

Here’s the video to ‘Elephants in the Room’ which is also on the album ‘Songs about…’

We filmed it at The John Peel Centre in Suffolk and it features an anonymous guest as our Elephant, although she did look a lot like Fern’s mum when she took the head off!

This is ‘My love’ from the album ‘Songs about’ and it features our great friends David Booth (our ace Producer) on Mandolin, Charlie Law on Flute and Keith Sadler on backing vocals; all incredible Singer Songwriters so check them out too!