Carl Scott – Guitars, bass & Vocals

Having never previously thought about writing or singing or playing more than four strings, 2013 saw a whole load of songs coming out of his little brain, then solo performances before wanting to expand the sound


Fern Teather – Vocals & Shaky Egg

A highly talented young singer/ songwriter in her own right, Fern adds the most beautiful, weaving harmonies to what the gruff bloke does. Rarely seen without a shaky egg in hand, adding to the rythm on the band with hitty thing bloke below



Sam Thurlow – Cajon, bongo’s, various ‘hitty things’

The driving backbone of the band. What this guy can do with some wood and animal skin is amazing! With ten mini drumsticks attached to his wrists, he provides intricate beats and touches throughout, dovetailing with the melodies perfectly